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Amateur Radio Projects

Dentron MLA-2500 conversion to GI-7B Tubes
Dentron MLA-2500 conversion: W4ZT,W4EMF,K4POZ schematic
Dentron Clipperton-L conversion to GI-7B Tubes
2012 Mazda3 12VDC Power Access for Amateur Radio Mobile Transceivers
2019 Toyota Rav4 12VDC Power and Antenna Access for Amateur Radio Mobile Transceivers
Heath HG-10 VFO Modifications
BHI NEDSP1061-KBD DSP board in an Icom 735
Reasonably high-quality Multi-Elmac Pmr7 and Pmr8 Schematics
Download Pmr8 S meter short video
Product Detector 1.0 Instructions
Antenna Controller Arduino code
Aircraft Winch Controller Arduino code
Screwdriver Antenna Controller for your Smartphone. See Griffin (AA4PG) and Wingard (N4DKD), CQ Magazine, December 2020
Download aircraft winch demo

Foldover Mount for Screwdriver Antenna

Dentron Clipperton GI-7B Tuning Procedure

Elmac PMR8 LED Signal Strength Demo

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